A drop of water splashing

SYDNEY has highly variable rainfall and over the long term will continue to face droughts. Without desalination, Sydney’s water supply is entirely dependent on rainfall. With increasing population and climate change impacts on Sydney’s water supply catchments, Sydney Desalination Plant is a key component of Sydney’s water supply security and will help guarantee water supply even in years of drought.

Providing up to 15% of Sydney's water supply

Sydney Desalination Plant is one of the largest operating desalination plants in the world. Located on the coast of Kurnell, it sources its water from the Tasman sea and is capable of servicing up to 1.5 million people—15% of Sydney’s water needs at its current nameplate capacity of 250 ML/D.

The plant will be shut down on 1 July 2012 to accord with SDP's regulatory and licensing regime. When dam levels fall below specified thresholds in the future, the plant may be restarted, thus providing long-term water security.