Our Mission, Vision and Values

We are here to provide reliable and sustainable drinking water to Sydney whenever it is required, in a manner that abides by our values.


The Sydney Desalination Plant’s mission as a bulk water asset is to provide drinking water supply for Sydney Water customers whenever required, that is:

Value added
Climate independent
Cost effective


Our vision is that the Sydney Desalination Plant is viewed by all of its stakeholders as a reliable and sustainable world class water asset benefiting the people of Sydney.


Sydney Desalination Plant is a values driven company and the Board and management of Sydney Desalination Plant are guided by a set of corporate values which underpin the culture of the Sydney Desalination Plant and are:

Safety – we demand the highest level of safety of ourselves and our operator

Performance – we deliver on our targets and seek new ways to add value for our shareholders and customer

Integrity – we do what we say with honesty to engender trust with all of our stakeholders

Respect – we have respect for the natural environment we interact with, the value we bring to water security and for each other in the SDP team

Innovation – we constantly explore new ways of doing business

Teamwork – we are collectively responsible for delivering business goals by sharing experiences, talents and information freely and effectively