The Sydney Desalination Plan holds a Network Operator’s Licence and Retail Supplier’s Licence under the WIC Act.

The Sydney Desalination Plant holds both a Network Infrastructure Operators Licence and a Retail Supplier’s Licence under the WIC Act. These licences are administered by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) under delegation from the Minister for Water. IPART is responsible for reviewing the licences and ensuring compliance, including undertaking periodic audits.

Further information about IPART’s regulatory functions can be found on IPART’s website.

These licences require a water quality plan, infrastructure operating plan and retail management plan to be developed and maintained. These plans can be found below along with the most recent audit report.

WICA Retail Supplier’s Licence

WICA Network Operator’s Licence

WICA Operational Licence Audit October 2020

WICA Retail Supply Management Plan

WICA Infrastructure Operating Plan

Water Quality Plan

Water Quality Policy

Desalination Infrastructure Map

Work Health and Safety Policy