Renewable Energy

The Sydney Desalination Plant is powered by 100% renewable energy.


In mid 2008, the previous owner of the plant, Sydney Water Corporation, signed 20 year contracts for electricity, Renewable Energy Certificates and the construction of the Capital Hill Wind Farm. The Sydney Desalination Plant’s power needs are fully offset by renewable energy produced at the purpose built Capital Hill Wind Farm. The Wind Farm is owned and operated by Infigen and it is one of Australia’s largest renewable energy contracts.

How much energy does the plant use?

The Sydney Desalination Plant requires roughly 38 Megawatts at full production. The energy it consumes is equivalent to the energy consumed by a domestic fridge if all of the water used in the household was supplied from our desalination plant.

The Capital Hill Wind Farm

The Capital Hill Wind Farm generates around 140 Megawatts from 67 turbines. This is about the amount of energy used by 60,000 homes, and is three times the power needed for the desalination plant. Each turbine is 80 metres tall and its rotors span a diameter of 88 metres