Sydney Desalination Plant
Securing Sydney's water for the future...
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Renewable Energy
Powered by 100% renewable energy
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Reverse Osmosis Technology
Securing Sydney's water for the future...
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Sydney Desalination Plant prices are reviewed by IPART every 5 years
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Sydney Desalination Plant is Operational
The plant is running at full capacity
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Operational status

The Sydney Desalination Plant is currently in a state of availability to assist Sydney Water in providing high quality drinking water to customers in Greater Sydney.

Our ongoing availability recognises that the Sydney Desalination Plant has always been and will continue to be, an essential component of Sydney’s water management and an integral part of Sydney’s water resilient future.

Why desalination is important

Without desalination, Sydney’s water supply is entirely dependent on rainfall.

The desalination plant

See what the Sydney Desalination Plant looks like.


Our Mission, Vision and Values

We are here to provide reliable and sustainable drinking water to Sydney whenever it is required, in a manner that abides by our values.

For students

Learn more about the desalination process and how the plant works.
Why desalination is important

Take a virtual tour

Take a look inside the plant process and see how it all works.